We would like to extend you a warm welcome to our eye clinic in Lugano!

The eyesight is considered by many to be one of the greatest gifts. Caring for the health of your eyes is therefore a great responsibility. We would like to commit all our experience, precision, and highest quality standards to preserve and enhance the quality of your vision. We are dedicated to mutual respect and to the adherence to the highest ethical principles.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and are located within the “Avanti” clinic. Thus, diagnostics and treatment including all surgical procedures involving the eye can be offered under one roof. Our particular focus of experience lies on the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the retina and the vitreous body.

We hope that you feel comfortable with us and wish you a pleasant stay!


FMH Oftalmologia e Oftalmochirurgia - Docente privato presso l'Università di Basilea
Medico Caposervizio del reparto di chiurgia vitreoretinica, Ospedale Cantonale, Winterthur

Via Senago, 42
CH-6912 Lugano-Pazzallo
+41 91 985 1145