- Consultant and head physician, Retina department, Winterthur Cantonal Hospital (Mon-Wed)
- Attending physician, Ambulatorio Avanti, Lugano (Thu-Fri)


- „Oberarzt“ physician, University Hospital Basel, Department of Ophthalmology, 2007-2014 (Prof. J. Flammer)
- Attending  physician, DiagLaser Centro de Diagnosticos e Tratamentos Oculuares,
  Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2006-2007
- “Oberarzt” physician, General Hospital Linz, Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry,
  Linz, Austria, 2005-2006
- Resident in ophthalmology, Hospital of the Technical University of Munich, Germany,
  Department of Ophthalmolgy 2000-2004
- Management Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group, Munich, Germany, 1999-2000
- Medical studies at Bonn University; Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia ,
  PA and Munich Technical University

Teaching and scientific degrees

- Habilitation dissertation in ophthalmology, University of Basel
- Lectures, courses and tutorials for medical students, and education and training of resident ophthalmologists
- Doctor of medicine, Munich Technical University

Diplomas and examinations

- Federal Examination in Ophthalmic Surgery FMH, Bern
- Revalidação de diplomatically, UFMG, (Brazil)
- European licensure examination in ophthalmology, Paris
- Specialist examination Ophthalmology, Munich
- Federation Licensure Examination, Philadelphia
- Associação Médica do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
- Medical State Examination, Munich

Research activities and publications

Dr Henrich has led a research laboratory at the University of Basel for many years, focusing on the analysis of the fundamentals of retinal disease. The research group devotes a special scientific interest to an improved understanding of the innermost boundary layer of the retina, called the internal limiting membrane (ILM). The team led by Dr. Henrich has examined the ILM with modern methods, including Atomic force microscopy and chromaticity analysis. A variety of publications has emerged from this work in reputable journals. The most important examples can be found at the following link in PubMed, the list of major international medical journals:


FMH Oftalmologia e Oftalmochirurgia - Docente privato presso l'Università di Basilea
Medico Caposervizio del reparto di chiurgia vitreoretinica, Ospedale Cantonale, Winterthur

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